At ThriveRx, our goal is to reduce the need for routine use of parenteral nutrition therapy and intravenous fluids. Our home support program, called Maximize Health!, follows a systematic approach to treating short bowel syndrome.

Through routine home monitoring, clinical support and physician coordination, we follow a carefully planned course toward intestinal rehabilitation. This stepwise approach embraces diet, medication and/or the evaluation of surgical strategies that safely reduce patients’ dependence on intravenous therapies.

Customers of ThriveRx have experienced similar results improving their nutritional absorption and resulting quality of life.

Through the Maximize Health! program, ThriveRx has been able to demonstrate powerful results from its stepwise approach to intestinal rehabilitation. Between 2009 and 2010, of 62 patients enrolled in the program, 36 (58%) experienced at least some decrease in the need for parenteral nutrition. Of those 36, 24 were weaned off nutrition support. Overall, the average reduction in parenteral nutrition requirements was 42%.


“Since becoming a ThriveRx consumer, I have cut my need for TPN from 7 days a week to 5 days a week. ThriveRx has helped me adopt a diet that allows me to maximize the nutrition I get from food and minimize loss. I wish I would have made the switch to ThriveRx years ago.” — David M.


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