StrapWrap is a special medical alert product developed by ThriveRx for people with nutritional disorders

Invaluable to have. Free to receive.

The ThriveRx StrapWrap® is provided free of charge to individuals on nutrition support. We print each individual’s medical information on the form that goes inside it. Keeping loved ones safe, secure.

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Created by loved ones For the protection of loved ones.

It started with the love of a grandmother for her grandson. Claudia McCarthy wanted to make sure her grandson, John Claude McCarthy, was safe. John Claude was diagnosed with hemophilia shortly after birth. Claudia, an emergency medical technician, knew that if John Claude were ever in an accident, his hemophilia made a quick response even more critical … especially if the adults were unable to respond.

This grandmother’s love and concern resulted in BioRx’s “StrapWrap®,” a medical alert device that attaches to a seatbelt or other strap to alert emergency workers and others that an individual has a medical disorder. It contains medical and personal information inside that could make a difference between life and death. She developed a prototype of a cloth device that would wrap around a seatbelt with medical information inside, and approached BioRx with her idea.

  “When emergency service providers arrive on an accident scene to render aid, one of the first steps involves removing the patient’s seat belt. I knew that the most prominent place to locate important medical information would be on that seatbelt.”

A remarkable success.

BioRx, ThriveRx’s parent company, first introduced the StrapWrap® at the National Hemophilia Foundation in November of 2008. The response was overwhelming. After receiving hundreds of calls and emails requesting the StrapWrap®, BioRx realized that more than half of the responses were from people with medical problems other than hemophilia. At that point, the company decided to expand the focus of the StrapWrap® to other patient and consumer groups. As a result, BioRx is proud to introduce the new StrapWrap® for individuals requiring intravenous nutrition and tube feeding.





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